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Anglo Språkgivning offers translations and other language services between English and Norwegian. We provide a range of services including written translations and proofreading directed at businesses and organisations in most walks of life. We also provide language consultation with regards to words, phrases, and terminology in English and Norwegian. Thus whether you have a computer manual or a web page, an article or a scientific research report, we aim to supply a first-rate service within the agreed deadline and at reasonable cost.

At present our project portfolio is dominated by translations of web-based corporate and organisational newsletters and articles, as well as more academic and professional texts for the Norwegian research and development community. However, we are continuously expanding our field of activity and are happy to welcome you among our customers.

We are also able to offer express and overnight delivery for most types of translations and proofreading, although with additional charges.

We accept most text document formats although to avoid problems of incompatibility we recommend that texts are sent to us in standard Word format. We will deliver your translation by E-mail within the agreed deadline. We may also receive and deliver work by ordinary mail.

If you would like more information about our services, qualifications and rates, please do get in touch!

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